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Welcome to the Agile Git Workflows walkthrough on Visual Studio Team Services for those involved in Java software development. This section will lead you through the workflows for how to 1) Create a "team", define a sprint for the team, create a backlog item and a bug for the team to resolve; 2) Plan your work by using the Team Services task boards feature by taking ownership of a task, moving the task to in progress, and updating build definitions to build the package when changes are made; 3) Create a topic (working) branch from the master (main) branch, make the required changes to the backlog and bug tasks, create a pull request (code review) and verify your changes build successfully; and 4) Merge your changes back to the master branch, verify the code builds and deploys, confirm the changes are made by running the app, and then resolving the related backlog and bug tasks.

Throughout all of the webpages in this walkthrough, we will consistently use sample code written in Java and AngularJS. The project is called DeepSpace. All of our instructions in the walkthough webpages and the images (screenshots) provided will assume you are using this same sample code, but would also apply if you had your own code (with names changed appropriately).

To help get you going with our Agile Git Workflows walkthrough, you need to first complete the Getting Started walkthrough. In the Getting Started walkthrough, we created the required Git repository, uploaded the DeepSpace demo code, set up continuous integration (CI) builds for the project, and set up automatic deployment of the demo to an Azure Web App server.

You can complete this walkthrough on a computer running either Windows, Mac OS or Linux -- all three operating systems are supported. Much of the interaction will be through your web browser of choice. All of the accounts and software used for this walkthrough are free.

This walkthrough is designed to be completed in the order the web pages are presented. However, each page covers an independent set of topics from the others enabling you to stop and resume as needed. Each web page provides a list of assumptions to begin with, the main topics for the page, continues with suggested next steps and ends with a set of frequently asked questions.

Let's get started!

Next Steps

To begin the Agile Git Workflows walkthrough, let's first learn how to create a project team and its backlog in Team Services.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Following the instructions in this walkthrough, will I be billed or incur any cost?

A: No, you can complete this walkthrough at no cost to you.

Q: How long will it take to complete the Agile Git Workflows section?

A: About an hour, depending on your experience level.

Q: When does Team Services start costing me money?

A: See our Team Services Pricing Page for detailed information on pricing.