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Welcome to Getting Started with Visual Studio Team Services for those involved in Java software development. This section will lead you through how to 1) Create your first Team Services project and Git repository, 2) Build a Java web application using Team Services' open source, cross-platform build tasks, and 3) Deploy the web application to an Azure Web App host to see it run. The intention of this Getting Started walkthrough is to introduce you to the the core software development features available in Team Services and to lay a foundation for learning more about Team Services' advanced application lifecycle management (ALM) features.

Throughout this walkthrough, we will consistently use sample code written in Java and AngularJS. The project is called DeepSpace. All instructions in the walkthough pages will assume you are using this sample code, but would also apply if you had your own code (with names changed appropriately). You can find the sample code at DeepSpace demo code.

To help get you going, we will lead you through creating the necessary accounts and identities you will need to complete the introductory steps. Please create the accounts indicated in the sections below. We recommend you pick simple and easy-to-remember names when creating your accounts.

You can complete this walkthrough on either a computer running Mac OS, Unix/Linux, or Windows -- all three operating systems are supported. Much of the interaction will be through your web browser of choice. All of the accounts and software used for this walkthrough are free.

This walkthrough is designed to be completed in the order the web pages are presented; however, each page covers an independent set of topics enabling you to stop and resume as needed. Each page will begin with a list of assumptions, then provide the main topics for the page, and end with the suggested next steps and a set of frequently asked questions.

Let's get started!

Create a Microsoft Account

The first account you will need is a Microsoft Account. If you already have one (for example, a personal email address you use to log into Windows at school or home), then you can use that existing account. Otherwise, you can create a new one.

Create a free Microsoft Account

Create a Team Services Account

Once you have created your Microsoft Account, the next step is to create a new Team Services account. If you already have one, you can use it. Otherwise, you can create a free one.

Create a free Team Services Account

Create an Azure Account

To be able to deploy the sample web application for this walkthrough, we will lead you through deploying and running the web app on Microsoft Azure. If you have an Azure account, you can use it or you can create a new, free trial account just for this walkthrough (you will still need a Microsoft Account). To create an Azure account, click on the options to signup for a Free Trial. You will be asked to provide a credit card for identity verification but you will not be charged for the Free Trial. Also, the Free Trial will not automatically become a paid account without your express permission. If you choose to not create an Azure account, you can still perform the first two portions of the walkthrough (Create a Git Repo and Build a Web App) but will not be able to complete the final portion (Deploy a Web App).

Create a free Azure Account

Download a Git Client

In order to work with Team Services using Git, you will need to download a freely-available Git client for the operating system you are using. If you already have a Git client installed, it should work fine with Team Services. If not, then we recommend downloading a client from the following website.

Download Git and then install to your local machine.

Next Steps

To begin the Getting Started walkthrough, let's first learn how to create an initial project and Git repository.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Following the instructions in this walkthrough, will I be billed or incur any cost?

A: No, you can complete this walkthrough at no cost to you.

Q: How long will it take to complete the Getting Started section?

A: About an hour depending on your experience level.

Q: How many free Team Services accounts can I create and own?

A: You can create multiple free Team Services accounts for every Microsoft Account you own.

Q: When does Team Services start costing me money?

A: See our Team Services Pricing Page for detailed information on pricing.

Q: How long does my free Team Services account remain valid?

A: Your free Team Services account does not expire.

Q: How long is the trial period for my Azure account?

A: At the current time, the initial free trial period is 30 days. Check out our Azure Free Trial page for more current information.